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Garage door opener has become a common and standard that many people rarely see a garage door without it. A garage door opener is a device, not a crane that replaces your own hand in closing and opening process. As it is mechanical device if its not installed properly combined with 400 pounds of door can hurt badly. Professional like Garage Door Repair Romeoville IL have the knowledge to do it with a proper procedure in Romeoville, IL.

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An Electric Eye There are two photoelectric sensors should not install higher than 6” of the garage floor so that a small child cannot crawl under the sensor’s invisible beam. If the light beam is broke while closing the door accidentally, the door stops and reverses. If both the sensors are out of alignment or if there is anything on the sensor light beam path, you can still close the door by holding the wall button. Instead of forcing the door to close, get a Romeoville Garage Door Repair to correct the problem.

We are using many garages as storage where it in not possible to see the lower section of garage. So it is difficult to know that what exactly is blocking the light beam. Remember that a safety sensor must be install within 6” from the garage door level so that no accident can happen.

A Door Edge Sensor This is usually used in elevator doors, but also used in residential garage door openers. It is a strip that a pro install on bottom edge of the door. When any pressure is applied to it by any obstruction it stops and reverses the door. For such type of work never DIY, always get a local professional like Garage Door Repair Romeoville does always with emergency response.

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The garage door opener reverses on obstruction future to be set properly, if there is no edge sensor or photoelectric eye and it is the only safety future, then it becomes critical. It is also critical if an electric eye is mounted improperly like at too high or in a different location. Make sure that Garage Door Repair Romeoville IL adjusts the proper set of screws as many models of garage door opener also have “up or down travel” adjustments.

Therule to place it is 2”x4” block of wood under the door and tries to close it. The garage door opener need to be adjust in such a way that when the bottom edge of the door touches obstruction it will immediately reverse and lift back. Some of them recommend using paper towel rolls as it has the density that is similar to a small child.

Once you adjust all the broken springs, you can easily raise or lower or can stop door at any height. Do not place your fingers between the sections of the door while testing anything. If your garage door gets out of balance call local Romeoville Garage Door Repair to adjust it. This is a very dangerous procedure if you don’t know that what you are doing.



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